Discover a hair service like no other


Haircut & Styling

Our departmentalized approach provides you a stylist who is educated and trained specifically for modern cutting, precision cutting, texturizing and shaping for longevity and seamless layering. 

We offer a range of men’s, women’s and children’s haircuts and styling including blowouts, curling or flatiron. Most services include a stress-relieving scalp massage and complimentary beverages (tea, coffee, cappuccino, tea, sparkling water, purified water). Feel free to ask to your stylist for your desire beverage.

Medium Bob

Straight Medium Bob fine hair

Haircut Services

Women's Haircut $29

Haircut includes shampoo, conditioning, scalp massage. Blow-dry must be scheduled separately.

El recorte incluye champú, acondicionador, masaje en el cuero cabelludo. Secado  debe ser programado por separado. 

Men's Haircut $29

Haircut includes shampoo, conditioning, scalp massage.

Kid's Haircut $25

For children 10 years old and under. Haircut includes shampoo, conditioning. Blow-dry must be scheduled separately.

Para niños menores de 10 años. El recorte incluye champú, acondicionador. El secado debe ser programado separado.

Curly Cut & style / Wavy $99 - Curly $119.99 - Coily $129.99

Cut includes cutting, shampoo and conditioning, curl enhancement mask, diffusing process and styling. For straight hair Blow-dry must be scheduled separately and haircut is $29

Estilo para todo tipo de rizos. El estilo de rizo natural incluye champú, acondicionamiento profundo de hidratación, definición de rizos, corte rizado, seco. 

Hair Styling Services

We have three tiers of hair length. Service prices below reflect these tiers differentiated by hair length, and hair texture.  Any service charge over the published price will be discussed during a consultation upon starting the service.

For those special dates, occasions or if you just want to spend your day with clean and fantastic hair.

Wash & style for hair type 1 & 2

Include shampoo, conditioner & scalp massage, Leave-in, blow-dry & flat/curl iron, heat protection. 

Very Short hair / Length 2-3”  $35

Hair up to the shoulder $39

Blow dry hair up to the elbow  $45 with hot tools (flat or curls) $49

Blow dry hair length pass the elbows  $49 with hot tools (flat or curls) $58

Extensions (include special care, sometimes roller set if needed) $68.99

Wash & style /Silk-press for hair type 3 & 4

Include shampoo, conditioner & scalp massage, Leave-in, roller set(optional), blow-dry & flat/curl iron, heat protection silk-oil.

Silk-press hair up to shoulder $55

Silk-press Hair up to the elbow $59

Silk-press hair length pass the elbow $65


Hot tools only $19.99

Hot tool service only. Blowout must be scheduled separately.


Hair Schedule or capillary schedule

The capillary schedule is a hair care routine that includes three main treatments: hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction. It is suitable for all types of hair, regardless of its texture or curvature, since all strands can suffer from external factors.

Doing a porosity test is the first step in setting up the capillary schedule. From this, you can see if your hair is healthy or not – since it is porosity that defines the hair’s ability to absorb nutrients.

The process is done in 4 different sessions. 

Usually, in the first month of the capillary schedule, you can notice a good difference in the hair, which is much more beautiful, hydrated, and without the frizz. However, when the hair is badly damaged due to chemicals used, the best results can be seen in the second month of treatment.



Suggested Add-on deep treatments

Makuna Honey Extract Mask Hydration from Matrix $9.99

For intense moisture to curls and coils. Massage in scalp and in to the lengths and ends. Can be use every day or week.